• Capturing brilliance.
    Creating brands.
    Building businesses.

    Brands driven by the personality, values and vision of individuals are fast becoming the most relevant and authentic kind of brands.




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Know your brand. Live your brand.

  • Define Your Brand


    Capture your brilliance and get clear on what you stand for and how it informs every decision you make.


  • Create Your Brand


    Build consistency into everything that you do – the look, feel, tone of voice and create the tools that you need to assure that you are recognised.


  • Build A Strategy


    Know where you are now, where you want to go and how you are going to get there.


  • Build A Business


    Get clear on the commercial opportunities available, which ones make the most sense and will support the on-going growth of your brand and business.



Tessa has had the honour of working with a diverse group of individuals to capture their brilliance,
create their brand and build their businesses.

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  • About Tessa

    Tessa’s passion for building brands transformed when she worked alongside Jamie Oliver for seven years assisting him to build his brand and business around the world.

    From this moment on, she converted the focus of her work from building product, service and company brands to building “personality brands” – brands that are based on the core passion and integrity of a talented individual and how to build a successful commercial business around them.

    tg_linkdin_iconHer specialties include:

    • tg_arrow Brand Strategy
    • tg_arrow Brand Management
    • tg_arrow Brand Development
    • tg_arrow Business Development
    • tg_arrow Social Media Strategy

    With a background in brand development across multiple of platforms including television, publishing, licensing, sponsorship, speaking, franchising, digital, social and traditional media to name a few, she understands how these business models can be used to both communicate and leverage personality-led brands.

  • Recent Posts

    • The Fall & Rise of Jamie Oliver

      I have been building brands for decades.  It’s been a fascinating journey – working in fashion, food, technology and sport. In late 2001, a young man named Jamie Oliver asked me to work with him to do what I do.   I thought to myself, “What I do is build brands by giving them human attributes […]

    • Branding: Architects

      Last night I was invited to a brainstorm with a group of women that are all members of a “collaborative” architecture practice. By collaborative, I mean that they all have their roles and work together to deliver on what each of them do – and together they are brilliant.   But they are going through […]


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    • What’s in a Name?

      One of the most important things to decide is what is the name of your brand. Keep it simple and consistent.

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    • Focussing on Your Why

      Focussing on your personal why helps you to make the right decisions – every time.

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    • Getting Started
      on Social Media

      Once you know the name of your brand, protect it across all social and digital media.


    Tessa is an inspiration
    to us and exactly what
    our business needed to move
    to the next level.
    She’s been brilliant at
    concisely, practically and
    passionately helping us refine
    the ‘why’ for our business.

    Dr Heidi & Margie

  • Building the tashas Brand